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Lynne Rigby...

Was born in the United Kingdom and has been active in the world of Sugarcraft for more than twenty years, during which time she has been instrumental in popularising this art in Japan, where she lived and taught for nearly ten years.
Lynne has made a number of Television and radio appearances, as well as being the author of many articles for specialist books and magazines.

Lynne always showed an artistic flair, and on leaving art college, trained as a commercial decorator, specialising in Royal Icing, and her talents were recognised early on when she was commissioned to make a birthday cake as a gift for the Queen of England.

Lynne soon went on to become the tutorial manager at Mary Ford, at that time the premier Sugarcraft school in the UK, and from there moved to Tokyo, Sapporo and Kobe, teaching for the prestigious Imada Minako Okashi Kyoshitsu, where she is invited to return once a year as an honorary professor (Meiyokyo-ju).

During her time in Japan, Lynne designed and decorated cakes for many famous people...the wedding cakes for the Imperial family, and more recently a welcome cake for Princess Aiko. She also made wedding cakes for Sumo wrestlers Taka no Hana and Waka no Hana, and was granted the honour of being asked to watch the Sumo practice, which is normally private.

Lynne also designed and organised several Sugarcraft and table co-ordination exhibitions in Japan.
It was at this time that she also met and worked closely with, among others, Nicholas Lodge and Alison Procter, and realised a long-cherished dream when she was invited to show her work as a photographer by a number of galleries.

Whether teaching in English or Japanese, Lynne's skills and ability to inspire students, together with her sense of humour, have made her a popular demonstrator and teacher.

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