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Sugar is an amazingly versatile substance, and if you would like a little more idea of what it is possible to achieve using it, here is just a small sample of the many cakes and other items I have been asked to make.

Although it may be difficult to believe, all of the items on this page really are edible! Just click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture.

In Japan I was often commissioned to make really gorgeous sugar items for exhibitions, particularly when they were to be used on the poster advertising the exhibition, and they needed to catch people's eye.
Here you can see a few examples, such as a copy of a throne on display in the Palais de Versailles, and a life-size replica of a gold and jewel-encrusted Fabergé egg!

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It is always a great honour to be asked to make cakes for members of the Royal Family, and I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity in both England and Japan, and have met Kiko Sama (shown here admiring one of my cakes) at the Imada School in Tokyo.

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Japanese people are fascinated by European history and reproducing part of the dinner service used by Madame Du Barry was very enjoyable, because it was such a beautiful piece of work.

The tiara was commissioned as part of a four-page spread for Graceful Wedding Magazine.

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Japan also offered me the opportunity of meeting many celebrities. Designing the cakes for these two famous brothers (shown below) meant appearing on television with Taka no Hana's wife-to-be. I showed her how the cake was to be decorated and taught her how to make small flowers.

Another example was presenting the newly appointed minister for education and his wife with a specially designed congratulations cake.

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Below are some further examples of my work.

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